Thursday, April 10, 2014

Yes!...I was at the Dreamers Autumn Market 2014!

I took a day-off from work on the weekend and it was worth it!

Here are some pics of my display...customers go through all of the "nooks and crannies", checking if it was well made!

"Go ahead and check them out", I said to myself! I'm perfectionist!

Then they just can't let go!...that made my day!

Wished you were there at the market...but you really shouldn't miss the next one on August 9, the Autumn Market!

 If you're from Sydney and a handmade crafter, you might like to join this pretty market! For more about the Dreamers Market, check them out here. 

Thank you for dropping by!...till later.

~M xo

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Pink Lady in Watercolour....

Hey there...hope you had a great New Year's Day!

I welcomed my 2014 with a dabble in watercolours, actually I used watercolour pencils which I think is a shortcut to the real one!

Here's the result...first I entirely drew in pencils then coloured part of it using the watercolour...I think it turned out fine but I think I won't be using more of it, I still love the results of real acrylics!

"The Pink Lady"

More next time...Happy New Year!
Love, ~M

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Reflections...Poetry...Pencils...cannot stop! are you?

As you can see I'm back to my pencils and I just can't stop!
I must be into my mid-life...every day, every minute I just love to draw faces of women in diffferent angles, this time they look sideways but still sad!

I wonder why....maybe a reflection of my inner feelings?
I don't think so...anyways...just sharing!

I know her heart...

 ...which is a reflection of her soul....

...without looking back to the past....

...for a brighter side.

Love...~Marie S xox

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Second Stall @ The Dreamers Market Spring Weekend! on to my second stall at The Dreamers Market...this one's full of my sewing stuff! sweet little jackets and dresses pin cushion jars, they're my bestsellers! line of Chelsea purses

...the Chelsea crossover bags

....and that's GallerieMarie!

People wonder how can I make all these?...well of course any one can! That is if you give time then you have the time!
Hope you like them and I wished you were there!

Till later...
~M xo 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Dreamers Market in Spring 2013

I know...I you hear from me, now you don't!...I've been super busy is a great excuse! But honestly I don't know why I get more productive when I'm under pressure and up to the last minute!
And here's what happened yesterday, Saturday the 19th...we had our last market for 2013.
I had 2 stalls! Like I told you I've been bizzzzzyyy!!!

My first stall is focused on soaps and bath and body...I called it SAVONERRIE...that's french for Soap Factory. I just love that name, so very frenchy!

My Bath Fizz as displayed on a ladder...simply because I don't have much of them! It would have been nice if they were arranged like the Lush store, so full of them!  The one on top is shape like a cupcake, so I wrapped them in two. bath bombs in avocado and lavender shaped like Lush! Funny enough one customer commented "Lush copied you!"...that was funny! haha!

...and the bottom one I called them Bath Snowballs in avocado, lavender, orange and mint! People commented that it smells like a real snowball!...gosh I didn't think of that but it sure was! And the only reason why I shaped them by hand was because I broke my mold! And my customers preferred it more than that "Lush copycat!". Again that was funny! goat's milk soaps as always, I added some pretty colors this time.

...and my sugar scrubs...customer's asked why the name "Kiss My Face?"'s because it's not just a body scrub, I used it on my face and it leaves your face nice and silky! 'kiss my face' right? Can you see that hanging heart? says "handmade with love".
...they were all my best-sellers! there you have it, my Savonerrie! More of my other stall next time!...I promised you.
For now, I have to unpacked my boxes and store them in a shoe box for the next market!

Hope you missed me. Till later,
~M xo

Monday, March 18, 2013

Fun at The Dreamers Market

Hey where have you been, you asked?

Well, I've been to the Dreamers Market last weekend March 16 and I had fun and enjoyed talking to people about my handmade stuff!

They touched them, feel them, took photos of them and bought them! People asked me how can I have so much time to create them all? My answer was "you just have to give time", that's all!

My Raggedy Annies were a showstopper! Sweet little Lucy  (at the front) went to her new home... she is being checked out by her new Mom! makes me smile seeing how she made them smile!...can't let go of her, they just have to take her home!

My Pin Cushion jars were bestsellers too!...oh my! just gotta have them!

Did you missed the market? should have been there...there were lots of OOAK handmade stuff from well-chosen "Dreamers"!...they've been juried you know!
Oh well...there's always a next time...the next Dreamers Market is on Sunday, May 5th, a week before Mother's Day weekend! Promise you will not miss it this time...I'll be there!    

See you,
~M xo

Monday, February 11, 2013

Be my Valentine...

...still in prismacolor pencils...this time I love how her eyes turned out!
Hope you like it...

Till later..
~M  xx

Thursday, January 31, 2013

No one can break my heart...

...because I love myself more than anyone else's an art.

~M xox